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History of glassworks

The history of our glasshouse begun in 1872, when the production of optic glass was started. At the later time, the packing glass (bottles and jars) as well as lighting glass was manufactured. Before the II World War, the Luzyc was one of the 13 glasshouses in the area of Piensk.

Piensk was one of the biggest glass-making centres in Europe, due to large layers of post-glacial glass sands as well as timber and brown coal resources. All glasshouses used to employ 4 000 people alltogether.

he II World War led to huge devastation of Piensk and Luzyce Glasshouse itself. The production was re-started only after renovation, in 1949.
Until 1967, the glasshouse was a separate production company, manufacturing mainly packing glass. Since 1st of April 1967 though, it has been a part of a corporation associating four glasshouses.

Nowadays, the firm Luzyce Co. has been set up in May 1997, on the basis of transformation of the previous organisation.